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The Law Office of William G. McLean III is an immigration and nationality law practice concentrating on the legal issues surrounding immigrants, their families, and their employers in Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. My office is individually devoted to each client, and I personally handle each aspect of a case from start to finish, ensuring that all applications and forms are filed correctly and on time with the Immigration Court (EOIR and BIA), Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) with the highest quality of evidence available. William G. McLean is a dedicataed Immigration Attorney that will guarantee you case is succesful.

Immigration Attorney in Chicago, IL

A skilled and experienced immigration lawyer is necessary in every type of immigration case. I have the knowledge of the many different aspects of immigration law to help you be successful. I will help you win the freedom to work and travel safely and lawfully within the United States and overseas.

I offer a variety of services on various types of immigration cases including naturalization (citizenship), adjustment of status (green card), consular processing (immigrant visa), deportation defense, asylum, jail visits, and much more. These challenging legal battles can be stressful, but I will fight through them for you. When you hire me, I will communicate with the government for you, and will update you regularly on the progress of your case.

Why Choose William G. McLean III?

There are too many examples of unskilled lawyers, and even people who are not lawyers, causing great harm to immigrants and their families. I will use my knowledge and experience to help you understand the laws and your rights. Together we will come to the best decision possible on your case, and win you the benefits you deserve. I look forward to representing you.


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Transportation Letters

Posted By Mcleanlaw on Nov 21, 2013 In Immigration Law

A client of mine recently found himself in Jamaica with an expired green card. This is trouble, because if you’re a permanent resident of the United States and you’re out of the country when your green card expires, you’ll have to get a transportation letter to board the plane back to the United States. That’s right- no airline will let you even board a flight with a final destination in the United States without a valid green card...

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Posted By Mcleanlaw on Nov 21, 2013 In Immigration Law

I have recently started advertising on and I hope to experience growth in my practice thanks to them. Please go to my profile by going to and searching for William McLean. Don’t confuse me with my Dad, though, a worker’s compensation lawyer in Florida...

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